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What if you could manage your entire boat rental company from anywhere in the world, at the click of a button? If you could become an industry leader, fast tracking your business to success with an efficient and profitable system, minus all the hard work?


With Let’s Book you can do just that, and more.

Let’s Book will give you complete control over bookings, planning, payments, marketing, fleet management, plus all communication between you, your customers and boats. Managing and renting your fleet will be so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in your success sooner!


Our Features


Whether rough or calm seas, Let’s Book will ensure the smooth running of your business. What’s our secret? Take a walk through some of our software’s prime features below and find out.


Fleet Overview

Let’s Book gives you a clear, realtime overview of your fleet. You can manage your bookings and check if customers are running late, while monitoring your fleet capacity. Let’s Book will literally be the eyes and ears of your business; something you can’t afford to not have.


Online Payments

We’ll connect the boat rental software to your online payment provider so your customers can effortlessly make direct and secure payments. Deposits may be easily refunded at the click of a button.

Interface for your sales statistics

Measure Your Success

With Let's Book you’ll get an extensive analysis of your bookings and revenue on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Simply navigate to your sales dashboard to monitor and analyze the growth of your business at your will. 

activate your boat via an app

Give Control

Through a special ‘navigator’ interface, Let’s Book allows your customers to activate, pause and de-activate their booking from a mobile device. This means less work and hassle for you, while being customer friendly and accessible. 


Quick Booking Module

Our ‘Quick Booking’ tool is easily integrated and customized to match your site’s look and feel. Your customers can book their boats with ease while your company maintains its unique branding.


Optimized for all Devices

We’ve made the booking flow completely responsive, so your customers can book from their favorite device in a clear and intuitive way. You’ll never lose a potential customer because of technology again.


Automated Emails and SMS messages

Let’s Book takes care of all communication with your customers. Right from the initial booking confirmation, to the ‘thanks for sailing with us’ post sale email. You won’t have to lift a finger and they’ll leave feeling valued as your customer. 

Multiple Languages

Each part of our application can be translated into any language, making it easy and convenient for your customers to book a boat in their preferred language.


Launch Campaigns

We’ve made it possible for you to generate unique discount codes and start your own campaigns. This is a perfect tool to help fill your booking calendar during off-peak moments. Say goodbye to dry spells and really get the most out of your fleet!

Member's Dashboard

Customers can view their booking history and amend or cancel their booking at the Member’s Dashboard. Our subscription model enables them to become registered members, encouraging future sales with possible discounted tariffs.


Fleet Management

As your customer base and business grows, so will your fleet! New boats and docks are easily added to your Let’s Book application. You can also use it to keep a boat maintenance log, so your engineers know which boats need urgent attention.

Set Flexible Pricing

With Let’s Book you can set pricing based on date, time, location, number of passengers and user account type. Our system is so flexible that it allows for the integration of deposits, taxes and additional costs.


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Our clients

Some of our Let's Book customers


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Electric Boat Rental

Rental company of stylish boats in newport beach - California


Owner of 44 characteristic boats in several cities in Netherlands.


Rents luxury black boats in the waters around Rotterdam, Netherlands


Adam’s Boats

For your affordable boating experience in Amsterdam from the E-harbour



Rents out various types of electric boats Northern Netherlands